Steve Bartell

My first cigar experience was as a child with a grandfather and uncle who loved to smoke cigars, drink beer and whiskey and talk fishing, the Red Sox and the simple things in life.

My cigar journey began in earnest as in college where my very first real cigar was a Romeo and Julietta Vintage III from Habana Cuba and I have been on a cigar journey ever since, enjoying some of the best cigars from around the world and educated by some of the best aficionados as well.

Never intending to have a brand of my own, I fell in love with what became Molon Labe Cigars in 2018 and brought the cigar to the world in 2022. Molon Labe was nostalgic, a true artisanal cigar, a puro, small batch and created in the style of old world Cuba. The formula was simple, small batch, organic, and unique with limited production unlike anything on the market, It moved me.

Late in 2022, we paired our five vitolos with five unique, small batch, organic coffees to create the perfect pairings that we deliver today and Molon Labe Coffee was born. Today, it not only pairs perfectly with our cigars, but is the backbone of the exceptional and recognized Espresso Martinis that we serve at our cigar lounge.

Toward the end of 2023, we created the third leg of our “perfect pairings” and launched Molon Labe Spirits. Five small batch. organic, artisanal Bourbon, Whiskeys and Rum that pair with our cigars and coffee to complete the experience.

His passion for the industry comes from the experiences we create, the joy we bring to the people that are a part of the Molon Labe Family and the fellowship of all of it. To round out that experience, and in partnership with Bob and Leanne from Saddle Up, we founded ASH Cigar Lounge in April of 2023 to rave reviews and people recognizing that the “experience” at Ash was engaging, different and about service unlike anything they had experienced. Today it is that joy and experience that has become my passion.

Bob Pagliarulo

ASH Cigar Lounge Owner/Founder is a lifelong New Englander and consummate entrepreneur began his first business at 17. He has fully vested in the Kingston community opening Saddle up Saloon in 2018. Employing community people, providing a venue for community and family events all the while providing outstanding meals and service.

While envisioning the space adjacent to the Saddle Up he researched what the people of the area were missing to improve quality of life; his vision of a luxury cigar lounge was born. Shortly thereafter, he met Steve Bartell, like minds and passion brought the vision of a luxury cigar lounge to fruition – Ash Cigar Lounge.

Leanne Casaletto
Owner/Chief Operating Officer

ASH Cigar Lounge Owner and Chief Operating Officer: Leanne, has been a professional in the service industry for over 29 years. She is currently co-owner of Saddle up Saloon and Pondview Events, she has the expertise and skill to add the luxury into Luxury Cigar Lounge. As a lifelong New Englander she understands the community and culture we serve and strives to deliver a high end, service focused experience at ASH.

Event Planner

Ash tobacconist and Cigar event planner Q is the professional you want to come have a good cigar with and chill or just passing the time away at ASH Cigar Lounge . He thrives on being the consummate professional and making sure you have the best experience at Ash while enjoying our great atmosphere. Q comes to ASH from Castro’s Back Room and has been a retail tobacconist, smoking and sharing cigars for over 20 years. Q also has a heart for our veterans, fire, police, EMT and active military and supports ASH’s events to honor them.

Blake Bartell
Bar Manager

The master mixologist and Bar Manager for Ash Cigar Lounge. He has spent the last 4 years studying the art and science of the craft cocktail. He is the creator of the award winning, Molon Labe Death By Chocolate espresso martini soon to be released nationwide. Blake began his cigar journey under the influence of his Dad, a consummate cigar aficionado.


Eric hails from Lynn Massachusetts and attended college at the University of Tampa where he was a bartender at several of the local establishments. Eric loves the art of mixology and the social experiences that the profession has brought to him. He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and the creativity and artistry of the craft and continues to learn and explore new cocktail creations.

On a personal note, Eric Loves golf, has a German Shepard named Layla and is a huge Boston sports fan.


TJ has been smoking cigars for almost a decade and comes to Ash from Federal Cigar. TJ has never had a bad conversation while smoking cigars and has met some of the best people both as a consumer and while working in the industry. TJ believes that craftsmanship and quality are two of the most important standards in the cigar industry. His focus at Ash is continued growth as a business and the family it has started to become.

He believes that pairing a person to a cigar, is akin to a person finding a place to call home. Everyone eventually lands on something reliable and stable to call home but the desire to travel and explore will never die. A person may always return home in the end but the journey they endure during the exploration of new and intriguing places should always be cherished as it’s part of their experience.